Bankruptcy – have a question

I guess lot of people struggle each year and try to get ahead in life, but I have a question reference bankruptcy. I just found out a friend bought a home and filed bankruptcy 3 years ago. She does not bring home that much from her work place, has 2 car payments (and car payments aren’t cheap).

My husband and I have been trying to buy a home for 2 years and here I see other people getting into a home who has filed – she isn’t the only person I know of. Makes me think we should file bankruptcy and then go buy a house? Been doing personal research myself for the past 4 months just looking for ways to raise our credit score and get a home of our own. Can anyone help with thoughts or ideas? Maybe more of what we can do to get a home ourselves.

Maybe she’s getting financial help from family. I don’t think that average people make money by going bankrupt. That’s for millionaires. Bush and Trump each filed .

Updated: July 26, 2016 — 1:47 pm