Re: Credit card debt help needed

thanks for the message, it is very helpful and giving me hope to be debt free , i have almost US$9,000 debt from credit cards , personal loans and morgages. I am a single parent and have two(2) sons in college, i do not get support from my husband. I am employed and my salary is not even enough to pay the minimum amount due of my credit card bills, I also have part time jobs. I am tired of this rat race.

My husband had $20000 debt on one card when we married two years ago that he walked away from his previous marriage with. I am trying to get our debt paid down – it’s a slow process.

He is finally starting to see where money can be saved daily that can be paid toward the cc’s. I gave him a memo notebook to write down every expenditure and how it was paid for. I did the same. We found ways/places to save money that we didn’t realize before.

Try it for a month and see where you can change your spending patterns or eliminate expenses. It’s a pain at first but well worth it in the end. Writing down a three-cent piece of candy seems silly sometimes but it adds up before you know it.

Updated: July 26, 2016 — 1:53 pm