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My problems began when I got divorced.

I have been a member for quite some time, probably over a year. Just lurking around reading all the great information all of you share with one another.

My problems began when I got divorced. I had a huge amount of debt, way more than I really could handle but I wanted to do the right thing and pay for my mistakes. I joined a consumer debt counseling group and religiously made those payments, for years I really had just about nothing. Finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The company I was working for in California was in the process of laying us all off. They had a great severance package going and I knew that the last few thousand would EASILY get paid off and id have more to spare. Finally I am going to get to enjoy some of the money I work so hard for.

So I open my first credit card in 6 years and get some bedroom furniture. No big deal right since I got this major severance thing coming. Well instead 9/11 happens, I get laid off 2 months before they had planned. And so im out of a job, living in California with huge expenses. Unable to find a job, I moved to Florida where a family member lives. Finally start getting back on my feet. Unfortunately, my debt payments stop cause I really cant afford it. Everything goes back in arrears, well its not remotely as much as it used to be but yes, collection calls come.

Few years go by, we are doing better. I decide to deal with this stuff again, join another CCCS place. But they are not even remotely as good as the first place. Everything gets messed up. The companies have sold off my debts YEARS ago to collection agencies and they just want more and more money. I finally decide I just cant do this anymore. I decided if they want the junk I have they can take it all, I dont care anymore. I dont have another 50 or 100 bucks to give them. So I turn off my phone and ignore everything and everyone that comes looking for me.

3 years later, somehow my husband and I are able to buy a house….I really have no idea how. Financially we are doing ok actually. Building credit even though all this junk is on my credit report. In fact most of my debt is reported on my credit report at least twice or 3 times. I have been so dissapointed by this that I havent done anything about it. I keep hearing that the 2nd time I started paying it all I reset the 7 year collection period. So will this junk from over 10 years ago just stay on my credit report for another 7 years?

Sorry for the book.

Thanks for any advice.