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Question about my apartment complex

apartmentsI think I wrote to you guys previously ergarding a situation I had with my former apartment complex. I sent the apartment complex a letter requesting reciepts and a copy of the performance bond they reponded and sent me a copy of the performance bond that I signed, i dont remember signing it and they sent me a copy of the Apartment cleaning checklist that I signed, which listed the fees for the items they are charging me for.

I don’t dispute the bill even though it’s high, what I am disputing is the performance bond if they file the claim, the performance bond goes in as a judgement against me, they have the right to takke my car, garnish my wages, etc..

The apartment complex says they will revise the bill from $2500 when someone moves in and they expect soemone to move in on 1/18/07, the bill probably will be reduced to abotu $1800

I dont know what to do? I don’t have $1800, I dont want them to take my car and take all my wages

my car is not totally owned by me, it is financed through a bank, so i am thinking that the owner is the bank since I make payments tot he bank if i i miss one payment the bank will reposess the car. does that mean the performance bond company cant take my car since I dont own it? does anyone know anything about arizona laws? What amount of income is exempt from garnishment? I take home about $2000 a month after taxes

Typically non secured debt is 10-15% of your take home. They cannot take your car since you do not own said car. That would be like someone repo’ing the apartment you are in for some other debt, you don’t own it, so they can’t take it.

What I would do since you don’t dispute the charges, is send them another letter, saying I can make $50 per month payments, or whatever, and send them a good faith check/money order. I believe, and check with your state laws first, that once they accept a payment that’s agreement in this case.

I wish I would have read this before I sent off the letter. I did send a letter offering $60 a month but I didn’t send a good faith check. I said if the arrangements were agreeable I would start sending the checks on the 1st of each month starting with February 1. Havent heard back yet, but it’s only been a couple days.