Month: August 2015

Up to my ears in debt

  • i am a re-entry adult college student
  • i am 34 years old
  • my “i love debt” score is 571
  • I am up to my ears in debt, owing around $64,000 total;
  • the majority of it is student loans
  • my car financed in 2013
  • a treadmill i financed a few months ago

on the negative/delinquent/deragotory account side i have 2-4 accounts falling off my credit report this year due to statue of limitations but also there are 4 credit cards, that are chargeoffs, opened in 2012 with humongous fees attached to them.

I would like to someone how get those cards either re-opened and pay the previous balance (before the fees the Collection Agency added to them) so they dont show chargeoff and pay on it to get it to show as paid as a greed.

Is there any way to get those cards to report positively on my credit report?

Does anyone have a Goodwill Letter they can show me that was effective for them?

Thanks everyone.

Hey, watch this video, it may be useful for you: