Month: February 2016

Going in debt over medical cost?

I have just hit a place that I am very stuck. I have 4 boys. 3 have ADD. I will try to make this short. Hubby retired from one job and started another. Well the insurance for the old job was to expensive to keep paying the premuim. He got insurance on the new job. In december, he was eligable. Our kids are considered pre existing. Now I have applied for medicaid. We cannot get medicaid cause we are insured.but yet are pre existing. we have to wait 6 months if we were to drop the insurance that is already pre existing. We were out of debt for a matter of 1 month.

We are sliding back into debt so fast it is not even funny. These meds are high cost. I have no clue what we are going to do. I really need to be home with the kids. Do to the fact my husband has mild bipolar? He was just diagnosed in dec. I really need a break from all this. I cant seem to find any job online or to do at home that is not a scam. Increasing my income would be a solution to the problem. But finding something that can be done with the kids around is the hard part. Does anyone have any suggestions?

medical billsStart a collection business or offer the services to others in the area.. In my searching for a job to work from home, I came across a fantastic site… for very legitimate at home jobs and there are lots of them! You have to pay for the service, but you can join for as little as $7 for a week to see how you like it.

Good luck…I have a child who is bipolar and ADHD and my husband was recently diagnosed with ADD. I, too, am trying to keep my sanity. Just keep up the hope!

Also, check out – I have never personally used but have heard from some that do who love it.

I would suggest 2 things – one, contact the manufacturer of the medication. Most pharmaceutical corps have programs for those who cannot afford their medications – especially ones that are considered “necessary”.

Two – ask your doctor’s office for samples. Drug company reps encourage doctors to prescribe their medications by providing “sample” packs. These are designed to give to the patients – most of the time all you have to do is ask and they will give it to you if they have it. My favorite nurse actually contacted a rep and asked for samples for me and they gave me 2 month’s worth of an asthma inhaler. Good luck!

Also most states have a low cost insurance coverage for children – my kids have been covered since birth and I have to recert every year, but they cover everything from dr visits, prescriptions, some over the counter meds, vision, I am even getting a break on my daughter’s braces because her teeth are so bad they affect her speech.

Very good point. This is how I was able to try a certain analog insulin (Apidra) for a few weeks. It was not actually good for me, but saved me having to jump through the ‘pre-auth’ hoops to get it to find out.

I got another samples pack earlier, a few years ago, and that has been the best one for me. Having those samples to see it working or not is a smart move for anybody IMO.

(Celebrating the 13th anniversary of my 39th birthday today a little more out of debt every month….)